August 3, 2014

Treehouse Museum in Ogden

I took my girls to the Treehouse Museum in Ogden. I'd heard about it and we decided last minute to go on a Friday. It was so much fun! It's truly a great place for kids (and adults).
It was a bit of a drive but the girls did fine and the museum is literally right across the street from the new Ogden temple. The open house is going on right now so it was a bit busy around this area, but parking wasn't too bad.

"Treehouse Museum serves children and families by providing interactive, hands-on exhibits and programs focusing on family literacy, children’s literature, the arts, and the humanities. Treehouse seeks to be the magical place where children “Step into a Story."

All my pictures were taken with my iphone, and most of them turned out blurry, so sorry they are a little hard to look at. 

There were many different cultural homes and dress ups to go along with that culture. There was Mongolia, Germany, Mexico, and other cultures represented. 


A fun rodeo spot where Eliza rode horses.

A barn with animals. This cow was awesome. You could really "milk" it and squeeze the utters and water would spray out into the bucket. It was pretty cool.

Gardening and pulling out vegetables.

I was pretty proud of myself for putting this dinosaur puzzle together. 

I think my favorite part of the museum was the Oval Office. It just looked so realistic, and the dress ups were pretty fun. 

Here she is signing an important piece of legislation.

Look out world, here comes a new president!

She looks like Paul Revere here, or maybe Thomas Jefferson.

In the middle of a musical composition, don't bother her.

That sword in the stone just never comes out no matter how much you pull on it.

The "castle" area was pretty fun, full of princess/king/queen/jester dress ups and a bunch of stuff to play with.

Medieval puppet shows.

Our view of the Ogden temple from one of the museum windows.

Chess anyone? 

A quick bathroom selfie while Eliza used the potty (all by herself mind you). 

I'm a sucker for dress ups. I feel they can transport you to any make-believe world in a jiffy. And kids are just so cute in grown up outfits. 

I always wanted to be an astronaut.

Youngest astronaut in space?

Watch out for this police officer, she plays bad cop pretty well.

Another favorite was the "Children's Hospital". She makes a pretty good doctor I think.

Checking on all the babies in the nursery just like Mommy used to do. 

Skeleton mirror.

Abby crawled through these logs about 10,000 times.

The tree house in the middle of the museum was really cool. You could climb all through it.

Eliza liked this Adventure Tower. She climbed up and down it.

Fire chief Eliza to the rescue........

Conductor Eliza will take your tickets now........

We had a really fun time at the Tree house Museum. I couldn't believe we were there for about 3 hours, that's a long time! I wanted to get our money's worth too so we took a long time to explore everything.
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