August 6, 2014

Updated Nursery Photos

It's been almost a year and a half since our big Nursery Reveal! While the room has largely remained the same, we've updated a few things that I wanted to share.
The most noticeable difference is the new Tastrup Button Rug. I found it at Ikea shortly after we finished the nursery and just had to have it. It's polka dot (which instantly drew me in) so of course I bought it. It's much bigger than the small rug we had before in this room. I love its vibrant colors and my 3 year old loves playing the "Button Game" that we came up with. While I change the baby's diaper, I tell her a color button to jump on and she jumps from button to button. It's quite fun.

Ikea Tastrup Button Rug 

I am still loving the window bench I made. It's very functional and holds a ton of toys and blankets.
Our Ikea pot holder continues to store all things hair-related including head bands, bows, clips, etc. It comes in very handy. We have another one for my 3 year old's room too.
This Ikea Lantern is also new. I love the look of it. Perfect shade of pink too.
I love the new Alphabet Pillow I got from White Plum.

I can't believe our nursery's occupant is now 14 months old! Time sure does fly!

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