August 3, 2014

Paper Scraps Letter Decor

Okay this "project" will only take you 15 minutes. I had bought a letter "E" for my daughter's room a while back at Michael's craft store with a 40% off coupon. The letter was white and had a hole on the back so you could hang it on the wall easily.
I am not a huge DIY-er and only like to do projects that have minimal steps and don't take a long time to finish.
This was one of those projects.
You will need:
- a letter (whether a cardboard, wood, or some other medium, you can find them cheap at craft stores)
-mod podge glue
-scraps of paper
I simply put mod podge directly on the letter E then tore up old scrap book paper so the edges would look rough. I didn't use scissors, I wanted it to look torn.

I then placed the scraps of paper on the letter in no particular order or pattern, and put mod podge glue on top of it all and let it dry.

Wahla! An easy project that looks adorable!
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