September 28, 2011

Wanting What's Best

We all want what's best for our children right?

And I think most of us would agree that part of making our children strong is watching them go through adversity and learning from those experiences.

But how do we ensure that those adversities aren't "too" adverse? Do you know what I mean?

For instance, my baby girl is crawling all over the place. She is now starting to pull herself up to a standing position on furniture and to crawl up and down things. So this means more falls, and more bruises. More owies and bumps.

But I know that this is necessary for her to learn about the dangers around our house. For her to learn how to properly crawl up a stair and back down again without breaking her head.

At first I tried staying right next to her so that if she was going to fall, I could catch her. But I quickly learned that I can't hold her hand through everything. She needs some independence. This got me thinking about when she's older how I can give her some independence, but yet help her through those tough times.

My girl's not even in school yet but I find myself wondering about how to protect her during those vulnerable years. How do I protect her from all the bullying, name-calling, violence?

How do you other mothers do it? How do you teach your children independence and the importance of overcoming adversity without your child (or children) succumbing to those pressures?

I obviously don't want my child getting seriously injured as she learns how to walk, but I also can't be by her side constantly. I guess this is a predicament for all parents, one that must be learned perhaps through experience and trial-and-error.

I'd sure like to get a head start on this though! I just want what's best for her.

September 19, 2011

Birthday/Celebration Time!

My little girl just turned one! I cannot believe it's been a whole year since she was born. For the past few weeks I've been preparing for her birthday celebration. Most of these ideas can be used for any kind of party, whether it's a baby shower, baby's first birthday, any-age birthday party, or just to celebrate milestones or decorate for a holiday or season.

I made a cute birthday banner that can be used for anyone's birthday. I simply chose some fabric that I liked and cut out a triangle, then used liquid stitch crafting glue to stick the fabric pieces together front to back. Then I sewed some bias tape to the top and attached the triangles. Simple and cute!

I came up with this birthday "banner" all by myself and thought I'd share since it was pretty easy, and completely free! I was boxing up some of my baby's newborn clothing and thought that I could make a cute banner by simply stringing some twine through the sleeves of the clothing! It was a fun visual reminder of how much she has grown in her first year!

Then I simply used some colorful paper clips to attach two sets of newborn mittons. You could also use cute colored clothes pins to attach all sorts of items; hats, socks, shoes, bows, etc.

You could easily add anything onto this banner and make it longer or shorter. Other items you could use on the banner are:
Baby beanie hats
Baby socks
Pictures of baby throughout their first year
Baby shoes/slippers
Footprints/handprints on paper

We had lots of yummy food including:

My favorite- chicken salad sandwiches!

For E's birthday bash, I also wanted to show some pictures of her from when she was just a newborn throughout her first year to show how much she has grown and changed! I simply printed out some 4 x 6 photos and then attached them using paper clips and other office supplies to a cute ribbon!

It was so easy (and free!) and I thought it turned out great! I strung two other ribbons with photos around the house.

More food! I love caprese and these little caprese kabobs were so good and easy to make!

Simply cut skewers in half, then assemble the kabobs by alternating cherry or grape tomatoes, mozzarella cheese cubes, and basil leaves. Then sprinkle on some balsamic vinegar and olive oil, and voila!

Chips, crackers, and spinach/artichoke dip!

Veggie tray

Deviled eggs- a must have!


I loved these cute little containers I picked up for $1 at Target! They can be used for multiple things. I used them as utensil holders.

Another great idea I've implemented when we have company over is to fill this container with water and then to keep it cold, I simply freeze a plastic bundt cake pan full of water overnight then the next day I empty the beautiful ring of ice into the drink container! I also add slices of lemons and limes to the bundt pan so it looks pretty and adds flavor to the water!

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