August 21, 2014

Rocky Mouth Trail

Rocky Mouth Trail in Sandy has become one of our favorite hikes.
Distance: 0.25 miles to the waterfall (1/2 mile total)
Hiking time: about 20 minutes to get to the waterfall
Driving Directions: Trailhead is at approximately 11300 South Wasatch Blvd. (Directly East of the LDS chapel). If the parking lot is full, park on the street or in the LDS ward parking lot.
More info: Here 

It was a perfect hike to bring kids on, not too hard and not too long.

The hike began with some stairs.

Abby as always had a free ride on my back. She did well though as it was pretty hot. Don't worry we all had hats and water.

After the stairs the hike actually came out into a neighborhood and you had to walk a couple blocks on a normal sidewalk past massive homes to where the trail continued.


The trail picks back up right in between two large homes around the corner in the neighborhood.

I hope Abby got to see some of the scenery besides the back of my neck.

The hike ended at a river and a waterfall. It was pretty cool.


There were little places to explore. A small cave made Eliza pretty excited.

Headed back down to the start. Eliza did very well. We love exploring the outdoors. She said when she gets older she wants to go backpacking!

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