August 21, 2014

Lower Bell Canyon Reservoir Hike

Distance and Elevation Gain:
From the Granite trailhead to the reservoir is .7 miles, with a vertical rise of 560 feet.
From the Boulders trailhead to the reservoir is .5 miles with a vertical rise of 578 feet
Hiking time: 1- 1.5 hours
Driving Directions:
Granite trailhead- located just East of the intersection of Wasatch Boulevard and E. Little Cottonwood Rd. at about 9800 South and 3400 East. Toilets available.
Boulders trailhead- located at 10245 S. Wasatch Boulevard; it has parking but no toilets.
More info: Here and Here
We parked at the Granite Trailhead where toilets are available. That's always a good idea to have toilets withsmall kids. I like to have them try to "go" before the hike and after so we don't have problems on the hike.
This was a beautiful hike with beautiful views of the valley. We started hiking about 10:00 am. I would suggest starting earlier in the summer since it got pretty hot at the end.


Having a rewarding snack at the top of the trail before heading back down. We could see ducks in the reservoir too. If you have the energy you can walk further around the reservoir.

Abigail fell asleep. She looks a little squished.

What a great spot for lunch!

I spy some snow!

Why is she so cute with a little pack on!?
I love hiking with Eliza. It's a great work out for me since I'm carrying a 20 lb. baby on my back and frequently have to carry Eliza for a little bit on my front. It's great for Eliza because she gets outdoors and enjoys nature and builds up her stamina for more hiking. And it's beautiful and free!
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