August 19, 2014

Studio 5 House Crash Segment


You guys! I was recently featured on Utah's life and style TV show Studio 5! I was featured in a "House Crash" segment where Brooke Walker, the host of the show, comes to your home to "celebrate" your creativity while filming different projects, decor, interior design ideas, or other diy projects you have created.
You can watch the segment HERE on Studio 5's website.

Meeting Brooke Walker was so much fun! Such a lovely gal and so nice to my girls.

The date and time we set was moved around a couple times due to a shortage of staff they had one day, but it worked out great because the first time they were scheduled to come I had a horrible eye infection and strep throat.
I was out-of-control busy trying to get my home cleaned up to be shown on TV, which is no easy task. I was up late every night finishing projects, cleaning, organizing, etc. for a 4 minute TV segment!

Keeping it real- this is what my kitchen looked like when they came! We did NOT do any filming in here! Please do not think my home looks as tidy as it did in the segment. It is always a disaster!
They had to cut out A TON of footage and didn't include some of my biggest projects, including the statement wall I stenciled while 7 months pregnant in my baby's nursery, and the no-sew DIY tent canopy in my daughter's room.

For all the tutorials on these projects, visit my TUTORIALS page.

Obviously my 3 year old was pretty excited when the "TV people" came. Trying to keep her and my baby looking presentable for more than 5 minutes was quite the feat. And trying to keep my home clean the way I wanted it for the filming of the segment was near impossible. There were toys being scattered around every 5 seconds, I was constantly picking up and putting things away all day until the crew showed up.

Isn't she so cute posing for the camera? She loves showing off her height on this growth chart. We measure her nearly every day.
Updated nursery photos are HERE.

Having Studio 5 come to our home was so much fun (and a lot of hard work). It was definitely fun for my girls to see themselves on TV!

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