May 9, 2013

Nursery Reveal!!!

UPDATE: We've added some new items to the nursery since our big reveal. Check them out HERE.
After 4 months of hard work, our nursery is finally completed! It has taken a long time to get it done with all the finishing touches. We did a lot of spray painting, staple gunning (is that a word?), nailing, hammering, sanding,  painting, screwing, bending, climbing, cutting, moving, looking, changing, buying, and returning!

Here is the old room. It has the basic beige wall paint color that I don't like. It's not horrible, but I was ready to be ambitious and repaint the whole room, including stenciling an accent wall.

Room is taped off and ready to paint! We went with a very light silver gray color so the room would still be neutral.

Waalah! I forgot to take any in-between pictures, but it took me about a week to stencil this wall. That's because I could only work on it after my daughter was in bed. It's very hard to paint and stencil with a 2 year old running around.

Only one wall is stenciled, the others are the same gray color. It looks great in all types of light, especially natural light from the window. 

One of my favorite additions to this room are the book shelves! I love how we can see the book covers. It adds such a cute artistic look to the room. My daughter loves picking out books now because she can actually see what they are!

We didn't want to hang many things on the accent wall, but I couldn't resist these small mirrors and Alphabet print-out. I love the simplicity of it.

It took a lot of moving furniture around to decide on the layout for the room. But I'm in love with what we decided on. I love the rocking chair nook.

Like I said, we wanted to keep the wall neutral, but I wanted it to feel girly too but not in a way that we couldn't change it down the road if we wanted to. So we bought the perfect-shade-of-pink curtains with lace sheers. It lets in SO much natural light!

I got some of these ideas from Pinterest and other online sources, but for the most part, this room is entirely unique to us! I looked at a lot of nursery pictures and decorating ideas online, but we just went with our gut to know what felt right and what looked good for us. I can't believe people hire professional designers to do this kind of stuff. It was so much fun doing it on our own! And I'm so much prouder of it considering we did everything ourselves.

I know all the wood colors don't match, and in a perfect world it would all be white (or so I'm told), and our rocker wouldn't be green. But you know what? I love that it's all a little mis-matched. We didn't have the funds to replace all our furniture. You can do so much with a can of spray paint.

I thought about re-upholstering our rocker, but it looked too difficult to do myself, and I couldn't bring myself to change the rocker I rocked my first baby in!

See what I mean about the natural light? And those pink curtains do a great job of shutting out the light when it comes time for naps or bed time.

We spray painted this shelf, screwed in the rod, and added the hooks. I love displaying photos of my daughter that I took myself. It makes the room feel more special to me, like a part of me is in that room.

My daughter wore that baby gown hanging from the shelf when she was a newborn. They grow up so fast!

We made this window bench by ourselves. I'm working on a tutorial so you can do the same thing! We actually made two of them and put the other one in our living room, with a different fabric of course. Let me know if you'd like to see a tutorial on the window bench! Those baskets hold SO many toys! 

So bright and cheery. This is my favorite room in the whole house (probably because it's the only room we've ever re-done before!).

This changing table was my husband's when he was a baby. I re-did it when we were expecting out first child. See HERE how I did it!

We have clips, bows, ribbons, and head bands ready to go!

One of the first things I knew this room would be needing was a chandelier. It adds so much to the room!

I love the simplicity of an Alphabet print to the wall in a child's room. 

I love our lace sheer curtains! It totally adds a girly yet vintage feel to the room.

I love decorating with photos too. The one of me with my daughter on the night stand isn't a great photo.....part of my head is cut off. But I remember the moment that picture was taken, what I was feeling in that moment, and the look on my daughters face. Every time I see it it reminds me that I'm a mother. I love that feeling. 

One of my favorite designing secrets (see HERE) is decorating with scrap book paper. I'm a sucker for scrap book paper and I didn't know what to do with it until I thought of putting it in a frame! Then I can switch it out any time I like.

Our favorite bed-time song (HERE). It's a reminder that my family will be together forever. 

I am so proud of this room. I love that we did it ourselves. I love that we decorated it with our girls in mind. It was a lot of work mostly because I'm very indecisive on some things, and sure about other things. We re-purposed a lot of things we already owned and didn't spend a ton of money re-doing this room. 

Let me know if you have any questions as to where I bought things or how I did anything. I'd love to answer your questions!

UPDATE: Source List HERE!!

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