October 6, 2011

Living in the Moment

My entire life I've been trying to learn this lesson- to live in the moment.

It's not an easy thing to live by! Too often we feel like we aren't satisfied with the present, that we will be happy only when we achieve something.

All too often we fall into the thinking rut of "I'll be happy when I graduate......I'll be happy when I'm married......I'll be happy when I have kids.......I'll be happy when my kids are older.........I'll be happy when I retire........"

But I find myself wishing each day that I could just pause life. Just stand still in the moment for a while. Maybe it's because each day is so precious with a little one your home. They grow so much so fast. And you begin to wish that child could just stay the age they were when they were born, and then again at 6 months, and then at 1 year. But it's incredibly fun watching my girl grow up and develop. I just miss those other moments when she was younger!

We need to evaluate why we say we'll be happy in the future, and not in the present. I think it's because we take the present moment for granted. It's not until it's passed by us that we yearn to go back!

So I'm going to try to live in the moment. Right now.
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