August 4, 2011

Re-finished Entry Way Table

I refinished and painted an old entry way table that belonged to my husband's Grandpa. It was in great condition, but I wanted to change the color and update the hardware for a fresh look.

 And waaala! I love how it turned out. The color is called "heirloom white" and I love the cottage-esque look of it.

There comes great satisfaction with fixing up something yourself. The whole project cost about $20 (the table was free but I had to buy primer, spray paint, and new handles; we already had the sander and related tools).

For this project, I used spray paint. But I have re-finished old wood furniture before using regular paint like in this post.

It was much less time-consuming using spray paint. However, I had to apply a few more coats with spray paint vs. regular paint to get an even tone throughout the table. I also had to start with a primer, then use spray paint, and finished with a spray-on clear protective coat of polyurethane to protect against nicks and scratches.

The supplies you will need are:
Drop cloth
Spray paint
Polyurethane spray

The steps are almost the same as painting furniture with paint like in this post, however instead of applying paint, you will use spray paint. Be sure to follow the spray paint can instructions for how long to wait in between applying new coats. Also make sure you shake the can vigorously before spraying and hold the can at least 8-10 inches away from the furniture so the paint is spread evenly.
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