July 8, 2016

Hill Aerospace Museum

If you live in Utah and haven't visited the Hill Aerospace Museum, you are missing out! If you've ever driven on I-15 in Davis County, you've probably noticed the huge airplanes sitting just off the freeway as you pass by. We recently visited the museum and I was reminded just how incredible it is.
Museum website HERE
"Hill Aerospace Museum is located on the northwest corner of Hill Air Force Base, Utah, about five miles south of Ogden. The museum was founded in 1982 as a part of the United States Air Force Heritage Program and first opened to the public in 1987. It moved to its current facility in 1991. We annually welcome around 160,000 visitors, coming from every state and from many foreign countries.
The Museum exhibits more than 90 military aircraft, missiles, and aerospace vehicles on the grounds and inside the Major General Rex A. Hadley Gallery and the Lindquist Stewart Fighter Gallery. Our collection also includes a wide variety of ordnance and munitions, an assortment of aerospace ground equipment, military vehicles, uniforms, and thousands of other historical artifacts."

Hours of Operation The museum is open from 9 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. Tuesday through Saturday. The museum is closed Sunday and Monday. Admission is FREE, but monetary donations are gratefully accepted. We are CLOSED on New Year's Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. 

We started out by looking at the airplanes outside. These are the largest aircraft and quite amazing. Each airplane has an informational plaque next to it with historical info.

It's hard to capture the magnitude of these aircraft on camera, you really have to see them in person.

While there, we heard and saw many airplanes flying above us from nearby Hill Air Force Base.
This airplane is nicknamed the "Banana"

We then went inside to explore more aircraft. The museum has two huge hangers full of airplanes both on the ground and many hanging above.
There was a replica of the Wright brothers' first aircraft.

The historical significance of many of these aircraft is astounding. There were artifacts recovered from Hitler's headquarters in Germany the day before the Nazi's surrendered.
This is a training device used for pilots to learn the controls, it could spin around as well.

Taking a little rest on a bench.

Theses hangers are so massive.
The girls enjoyed looking at smaller models of all the planes.
In addition to the aircraft, there are many historical displays as well.

There was a small theater with some interesting videos.
And once you're done, there are picnic tables to eat at outside or if you're like us, you can head to the nearest McDonald's!
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