July 10, 2016

Church History Museum

The Church History Museum across the street from the temple has been closed for many months. It just reopened so we decided to go see it. It is so neat!
After we went, we received our monthly Ensign subscription and saw an entire article dedicated to the new museum! (Link HERE if you want to read about it).
museum exhibit 1

I couldn't believe some of the artifacts and historic items they had there. Below is a picture of the vest and trousers Hyrum Smith was wearing when he was shot and killed in the Carthage jail. You could see a bullet hole in the waist of the pants!

We got to practice raising a stone to build the Nauvoo temple.
The coolest part in my opinion, is the short 6 minute video they show on the First Vision. The screen surrounds you and it truly feels like you are in the scene. It was very cool and very real.

There was a replica of the Golden Plates and a small hollowed out log kids could climb inside. The Box that the replica of the plates sits in below is the actual box Joseph Smith kept the plates in at one time. The wooden box belonged to his older brother Alvin Smith.
You can see where Alvin carved his name into the corner of the wooden chest.

There was a printing press there to illustrate how the first edition of the Book of Mormon was published.

The kids area was fun. Camels to ride on, origami to make, you could play on a Nephite ship.

My daughter drew a picture and told me it was the First Vision. I was super impressed! You can see the trees in the grove, the sun, and Joseph Smith on the right.

Angel Moroni Statue
Not much has changed upstairs in the museum. I love all the Church Prophets and their personal items that are displayed.
Here's a replica of the pulpit in the Conference Center that was built from President Hinckley's tree.

Temple Square is such a beautiful place. And even though I grew up coming here, and our girls have been here before, it's fun to 'play tourist' and see the sites as if you are visiting it for the first time.
The girls asked if we could go see the Jesus Statue, aka the Christus, so we went to the Visitor's Center across the street. I love watching them walk up the ramp, just like I did as a little girl.

We went inside the Tabernacle so I could show the girls where their Grandpa used to sing when he was in the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

Walking through City Creek Mall is fun too. So many fun fountains!

We ended our outing with lunch at City Creek Center. I love spending time with my girls, it makes me so happy!

And I always know a trip was successful when the girls fall asleep on the way home.

I'd say the biggest change with the new museum is that it is so much more interactive. There are videos, ipads, and other activities to do around every corner. It's very entertaining for both children and adults, and best of all, it's FREE!
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