June 23, 2015

Doughnut Falls

Distance: 1.5 miles round-trip
Hiking Time: 45 minutes- 1 hour
Elevation Change: 360 feet
Directions: Located in Big Cottonwood Canyon. Drive up Big Cottonwood Canyon Road for 9 miles and turn right at the Jordan Pines Picnic area, continue 0.8 mile to the trailhead parking area. Google Map
Doughnut Falls is a very popular hike, with a waterfall unlike any other. The water pours over the ledge and falls directly through a doughnut-shaped hole. 

We did this hike on a Summer evening in June. It was very pleasant. The trail is shaded in parts and has some fun features like a bridge over a stream, pretty trees and flowers, and even moose-sightings sometimes.

As you get closer to the Falls, the water level rises and requires some maneuvering over boulders and rocks in the stream to get across. We did not attempt this with our small children. We had a distant view of the falls from below and across the stream, but felt it was too much work to get across the stream with our kids. We had planned from the beginning to stop at this point.

The Falls themselves require a short scramble up some boulders. In Spring and early Summer, the area can be quite wet and slippery and it is advised that hikers do not attempt to reach the falls in these conditions. Hikers have slipped, fallen, and even died trying to reach the falls, so we play it safe and remain at a safe distance.

After viewing the falls, we turned around and headed back.

Because we didn't get started until the early evening, and this hike was a little farther than what we normally do, I brought two carriers in case our 4 year old got too tired to walk back. I love our carriers and their ability to carry up to 40+ pounds!

This is a great hike for everyone. It's very doable with small children by yourself, as long as you are aware that you should stop before you reach the Falls. I highly recommend it!
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