October 9, 2012

Good Time to Buy Dress-Up Box Accessories/Costumes

October and November is the best time to stock up on dress-up box accessories or costumes! I couldn't resist picking up some fun things at our local grocery store. Everything was $1-$2 and we can use it for years to come! Not only can you use Halloween accessories for Halloween, but all year long for your childrens' dress-up box and pretend time. Kids love dressing up, even if the items are small things like sun glasses or wigs or hats. Target and Walmart and the Dollar Store are also great places to find these sorts of accessories. I'm not willing to spend more than $5 on these types of items, so I usually go to stores the day AFTER Halloween, on November 1st, when EVERYTHING Halloween-related is discounted deeply. This is a great time to get Halloween costumes for the next year when they are deeply discounted. It's also a great time to buy Halloween costumes for your dress-up box for your children to play with. What kinds of things have you found this time of year?
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