May 12, 2012

Toddler Tips for Traveling & Packing

Tips for traveling with a toddler and packing for a toddler:
- Create a packing list several weeks ahead of time. Google "packing list for toddlers" and you'll get a lot of ideas. 

- Create 'sections' on your packing list such as "diapering", "eating", "bathing", "clothing", etc. so that you don't forget a lot of items.

- Start the actual packing process a few days to a week before you leave on your trip. It will be a lot less stressful I promise!

- Make a tally sheet for the amount of diapers and wipes you use for the same amount of time you will be gone on vacation. For example, we are going to be gone for 8 days so I marked on my tally sheet every time I used a diaper and wipe for 8 days straight. Then add in 50% to make sure you have enough. So if you used 40 diapers then you would pack 40 + 50% which is 20 for a total of = 60 diapers. 
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