August 25, 2011

Baby Banner

Here is a great idea for a baby's first birthday banner (or a baby shower banner)! All I did was take some twine string and loop it through the arm holes of my baby's onesies and outfits from when she was a preemie/newborn. It was easy as pie!

Then I just added some small hand mittons using colored paper clips. It took me all of 10 minutes to get it put together and hung.

You could easily add anything onto this banner and make it longer or shorter. Other items you could use on the banner are:
Baby beanie hats
Baby socks
Pictures of baby throughout their first year
Baby shoes/slippers
Footprints/handprints on paper

The possibilities are really endless. And if I'd had more time, you could also hook these items on using clothes pins (you could paint them any color to coordinate with other items), or diaper pins (like the ones for old cloth diapers).

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