September 2, 2014

Motherhood Filter

It was a typical day, we had spent time playing at home, running errands, folding laundry (do those piles ever get smaller?), and fantasizing about a cleaner and more organized home. I don't recall anything too frustrating about the day. Of course I had dealt with the daily meltdown of my almost 4 year old, slammed doors, time outs, and pleading with my oldest to eat more than 3 bites of food at breakfast and lunch.
My daughter had played with a friend while my 15 month old napped, then we had to run to the grocery store to pick up a few items. We weren't in a rush and I remembered that I had promised my 3 year old we could get the cool car grocery cart next time we went shopping. We can never use those carts if we have to be anywhere within the next 2 hours simply because it takes 1 hour and 58 minutes to maneuver those things through the isles. Ever try turning around mid-isle with one of those things? It's like a 13 point turn. And at least 2 of the 4 wheels turn in different directions making it almost impossible to steer in a straight line.
Anyways, we got one of the carts and I secured my oldest child in it (silly since she would undo her restraint in the next 43 seconds). I went to put my 15 month old in the front of the cart by me but then decided to let her try sitting down on the seat by her big sister.
I backed up to make sure they were snug and secure before heading into the grocery store and then it happened....... my filter turned on.
Yes, I have a very special filter. God may not have blessed me with the ability to get pregnant on my own, but He did bless me with a specialized "motherhood" filter. I surmise that some, if not most, mothers also have a similar filter, but I notice that mine comes on in the most needed moments.

My motherhood filter stops me in my tracks and makes me aware of the moment I am in. In this particular moment, I had stepped away for a split second before entering the store to make sure my girls were okay in the grocery car cart. I noticed their sweet faces, my 15 month old inquisitively pushing the fake horn that makes an annoying squeaking sound, my 3 year old checking her little sister's seat belt making sure it was hooked. Right then my filter came on. I snapped a picture (I try to capture these filtered moments so I can remember them later not only mentally but visually as well), then took a breath, and went on with my grocery shopping.
Other mothers will resonate with the thoughts and feelings that swarmed through my head in those precious few seconds. My filter was once again reminding me how truly precious these two children are. My filter reminded me once again that I AM A MOTHER! I am that mom that I envisioned years and years ago pushing her children around a grocery store in a ridiculously oversized contraption called a cart that barely has room for actual food.
No matter what frustrations I had that day, or that week, or the stresses that awaited me tomorrow or the next, I was reminded how TRULY BLESSED I am to be a mother and to have these two wonderful girls of mine. They are the most important thing in my life. My heart bursts just thinking of them. When years pass by and you wonder if you will ever get to experience these small and almost insignificant moments, it makes them all the more significant once you do. Little things like pushing my kids in a cart through the grocery store, changing a blowout diaper, building a tall tower of blocks then watching with excitement as it gets knocked down, cutting up a hot dog into tiny slices, finding a trail of ripped up toilet paper throughout the house.........these are the moments that my motherhood filter captures.
I am so grateful to be able to recognize these precious moments in our seemingly mundane, repetitive days of folding laundry and asking for the umpteenth time for a certain someone to please put her toys away.
What moment has your motherhood filter captured?

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